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Infl├║ance Hair Care is dedicated to creativity, striving to provide innovative products promoting healthy hair.

MITCH by Paul Mitchell offers high-performance men's grooming products that can handle any style situation.

ProRituals is always looking for greener, more environmentally conscious ingredients. Their commitment is not only to create new technology in the Professional Hair Industry, but create products that offer amazing styling and color options while maintaining their commitment to the earth.

Thrix sprays control frizz and static, and make hair controllable in high humidity. They contain sunscreen to protect hair from the sun as well as heat from curling irons and other styling tools.

ThermaFuse Hair Products are activated with heat, so they protect and actually repair hair when using blow dryers and irons. The HeatSmart Complex® stays on the hair AND in the hair.

Simply Stylin' Silk will keep your hair soft and manageable. Made with pure silicone serum for superior detangling, straightening, smoothing and shining.